What lot sizes are there? What is their price range?

Our biggest lots are 899m² and our smallest is 353m² (which is about the average lot size for standard residential development in Perth).
Our average lot size is a generous 451m² and ALL lots can fit substantial 4 bedroom, three bathroom, homes.
Single lot prices range from $299,000 up to $499,000 with the average being $339,900.
Rosehill Waters is offering house and land packages – this means that you need to choose your lot and your home design from the selection that we offer. We are confident that you will be able to select a package that meets your needs from the selections that we offer.

When are the title ready for each stage and how many lots in each?

Titles for Rosehill Waters will be ready in seven stages; the estimated date of issue of Titles for each stage is:
Estimated Issue of Titles
Stage 1 174 Lots Issued
Stage 2 87 Lots From July 2018
Stage 3 133 Lots From September 2018
Stage 4 104 Lots From July 2019
Stage 5 Grouped Housing Site From April 2019
Stage 6 Lifestyle Over 55s Village From May 2019
Stage 7 Commercial Lots From Jun 2019

Rosehill Waters has won awards, including environmental awards – What do these mean?

Rosehill Waters has been awarded a top environmental rating by the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA). We have achieved a six-leaf rating under the UDIA EnviroDevelopment program – the first private development in WA to be accredited under all six categories. EnviroDevelopment is a national program which independently verifies the sustainability performance of a project using a six-leaf rating system across ecosystems, waste, energy, material, water and community.
Please see the EnviroDevelopment section of our website or visit or sales office to collect the booklet explaining all the advantages of our sustainably developed estate.
We are also the first in WA to achieved a double recognition – the six-leaf rating, plus Waterwise certification under the Water Corporation’s Waterwise Development program, which recognises exceptional water efficiency outcomes in all new water sensitive developments.

How does Perth Airport impact on the homes?

The current flight path for aircraft on the North/South runway lies to the west of the Rosehill Waters. No homes within our development will be under this flight path.
Airports have ‘noise contours’ around them which depict anticipated level or aircraft noise. Rosehill Waters is conveniently close to the airport but sits in the lowest of these noise contours (a small portion of the estate sits completely outside the noise contours).
Because of our location, the Australian Standard does not require us to take measures to limit noise, however we are committing to build special features into all our homes as standard anyway. These will include comprehensive noise abatement and energy efficiency measures that exceed current standards, setting a new benchmark for industry best practice.

What infrastructure is there in the area including transport and shopping? What’s planned for the commercial/retail area?

South Guildford is ideally situated – public and private schools are within easy reach, the historic town of Guildford with its shops and services is just two minutes away. There is a regular train service to Perth and Midland shopping centre is just down the road. The main road though Rosehill Waters will provide public transport linked directly to Guildford train station at the conclusion of Stage 4.
During Stage 7, we have plans to develop a new neighbourhood centre for South Guildford
A super market, speciality shops, and a café overlooking the Helena River will be based around the original homestead (Rosehill lodge) and adjoining Stables. Two character buildings are being retained and will be used for community benefit. The Helena River foreshore will provide a focus for children’s activities, community gardens and picnic areas.
It’s also worth remembering that Guildford is the gateway to the Swan Valley, one of WA’s earliest wine-growing regions – more recently, a foodie heaven including chocolate factories, coffee, artisans, honey suppliers, olive growers, cheesemakers, dried-fruit producers, fine restaurants and cafes.
We have planned a 3,500m² facility for a Farmer Jacks plus a variety of specialist retail stores and a café overlooking the Helena River foreshore. In addition, we will be maintaining the old homestead and stables in their lovely garden setting as an interactive community hub.

What are site costs and how much are they?

We have set the costs for each home at around $11,000 - $12,000. Far from being expensive, this represents an incredible saving and it takes into account everything required to commence your home, including but not limited to:
• Build Pegging
• Site Surveying
• Site works and Sand removal
• Services run in – water, sewer, power etc.
• Soakwells
• Crossovers
Stage 1 is classified as Class A site which means it will keep the slab and footing costs minimal in the estate.

Can I build my own home/use my own builder?

Rosehill Waters is offering house and land packages only, i.e. you choose your lot and your house design from the selection of lots and builders we offer. We have worked closely with selected builders to ensure that all the homes are built to our standard in accordance with the sustainability and attenuation aspects that we have chosen for the site. (For example, this involves the use and importation of special materials such as double laminated glass).
Our top environmental rating under the UDIA EnvrioDevelopment program is dependent upon maintaining our commitment to a strong sustainability performance. Rosehill Waters will be independently monitored throughout the development phase and we are committed to conforming to its standards and retaining our six-leaf rating.
Doing it this way benefits the home buyer. To achieve lower prices and the economies of scale, we have selected a few local build brands and worked closely with them to develop the designs and ensure that they fit the area and deliver the specification required. It was important to be confident that the selected builders could deliver on our commitments to sustainability.

What flexibility is there with the house plans?

You can make changes to the plans exactly as you would with your own design – we have over 120 designs and we are able to adapt these to fit your specific requirements. If you have a specific design in mind, bring it to our Sales office and we’ll see how we can help. There is no fee for making changes, the only charges will be for the items changed in the available designs (e.g. if a door is added, you will only be charged for the cost of the door).

What restrictions/covenants are there when building? Will there be any display homes I can view?

Rosehill Waters has a number of building restrictions to ensure all homes are built in accordance with the sustainability and noise attenuation aspects of the site. This is controlled through design guidelines which can be found on our website and through memorials on tiles. For information, come in to see one of our experienced sales representatives.
We have a number of display homes being designed that will commence construction in May 2017 with completion due in September 2017.

What are the prices of the home and what packages are available?

Generally the price range for home packages is $215,000 up to whatever you require. The average home costs $235,000 and the average turnkey fully inclusive home is about $279,000. Please drop into the sales office to talk to with the sales representatives and view examples of the elevations and floorplans – we are confident that you will be impressed.
We also have home packages that are fully finished and ready to simply move your furniture into – it couldn’t be easier!
These are special house and land packages aimed generally (but not exclusively) at First Home Buyers with selected lots and homes (and special prices). These start at $499,000, including all site works – exceptional value for money. Call into our sales office to speak to one of our representative about the options that are available to you.