• Benefits Of Building A New Home

    Jan 25, 2022

    Should you build or buy a house? It’s an age-old debate. Every buyer is different and so there really is no one ‘right’ answer, but it is worth taking the time to consider both options - don’t forget, purchasing a home is likely to be one of the biggest purchases you make in your lifetime! 

    When it comes to comparing new builds to established homes, there’s benefits and drawbacks to both, but here are a few of the main reasons why you might choose to build. 

    Design considerations

    An established Australian home vs. a new build at Rosehill Waters

    Choice and personalisation

    One of the most obvious advantages of building new vs buying established is that it provides buyers with the opportunity to have much more control over the look and layout of their home. 

    Design trends have changed considerably over time and purchasing established often means accepting a few compromises when it comes to personal taste. Many homebuyers in WA find themselves having to make older style floor plans ‘work’ or trying to update design choices that have fallen out of fashion. Even newer-style established homes present a challenge. It’s rarely the case that buyers will come across an existing home that they would make no changes to. 

    Building new removes much of this hassle and gives buyers an opportunity to choose their own block of land and truly customise their home to their liking. From the outset they can choose a floor plan that works for them and their family, and make design choices that fit in with their own personal preferences. 

    If you’re the sort of person who likes choice and flexibility, then building is a great way to go. If the thought of picking out a block of land for sale, finding a builder and choosing a home design overwhelms you, then you might want to consider one of our house and land packages

    With a house and land package, all of the hard work is done for you. We’ve paired some of our best blocks with designs from some of Perth’s most popular builders to keep things simple. 

    Newer features and inclusions

    Kitchen in The Prague display home vs. an older style home

    Building new means you can look forward to moving into a home with all the latest features and inclusions. You can expect contemporary design features, modern appliances and freshly installed fencing from most builders. Moving into a new home also means that there’s no existing paint, blinds or trim to get rid of - you can pick what you like from the beginning!

    For many homeowners who don’t have the spare time or confidence to undertake DIY projects, this is a massive incentive for buying new as updating existing features in an established home generally requires that they manage the process. 

    Modern building practices

    Building standards have changed considerably over time and technology has advanced considerably in recent decades. New building products and techniques have made homes safer, better insulated and easier to maintain. Buying an established home can sometimes mean taking on the expense of bringing it up to code, but it can also mean living with the consequences of older building practices. Older homes, especially in Australia, often contain asbestos and other dangerous building materials. They might also lack effective insulation or have underlying issues that have developed over time. Building new means peace of mind as your builder will be required to adhere to the current BCA standards when constructing your home, that translates to better thermal performance, modern weatherproofing solutions and compliance with design standards that ensure structural stability. 

    Newer vs. established suburbs

    Mismatched homes in an older suburb vs. the contemporary streetscape and landscaped gardens of Rosehill Waters

    It’s important to remember that the implications of building vs. buying extend beyond the house itself. Established homes inherently come along with older established suburbs. 

    Estate planning and design guidelines in the form that they exist today are a relatively new concept. In the past very little thought and planning was put into how a suburb should look, or how the homes that populate it should look. Suburbs developed organically over time, with new parks, playgrounds, schools and other amenities popping up over time when population growth demanded it. What this has meant for many Perth suburbs is that there is a general lack of cohesion in older areas. Streets often look like an untidy patchwork of different style homes, and poor planning foresight has created many challenges as the city has grown. 

    Developers have learned from the past and newer estates like Rosehill Waters have taken a much different approach to the future. Newer estates will feature newer homes and often much more well maintained streetscapes. There’s often also an emphasis on amenities like parks and public spaces, and proximity to schools, shopping centres and medical facilities is often planned for from the beginning, so that residents can enjoy a comfortable, modern lifestyle from the day they move in. 

    Cost considerations

    This 4 x 2 newly built home in Rosehill Waters costs considerably less than comparable established properties in the area

    Lower cost to build

    Building a new home is generally less expensive than buying an established home and renovating to achieve a comparable outcome. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule, but in most cases you can expect to spend less for new construction than you might to purchase a home of a similar size and specification in the same suburb and do a full renovation. In South Guildford for example, the median annual house price is currently $590,000 (according to Reiwa, Jan 2022) whilst package prices for house and land at Rosehill Waters start from just $530,000*. 

    And if that weren’t reason enough to build, then consider the fact that newly built homes are usually considered an excellent investment choice as they often attract higher values, should they be considered for rental or sale. 

    Reduced stamp duty

    Those who build new usually save thousands on stamp duty. Why? Because when you decide to build, you only pay stamp duty on the cost of your land. Those who choose to buy an existing home are however required to pay stamp duty on the value of their land as well as the value of the dwelling on it. 

    No need to renovate

    Renovating an older home can be considerably expensive, and it’s often not until a buyer moves in that the real costs are discovered. Even small changes, like updating blinds or giving a home a new coat of paint can be expensive - and it’s often the case that established homes need much more than that! Some particularly older homes may have hidden issues that can be very expensive to rectify, whilst updating tired bathrooms or remodeling a kitchen can be enormously pricey. 

    Newly built homes can save you a lot of money upfront and over time, as they won’t need a renovation any time soon!

    Easier maintenance

    Previously lived in homes will inevitably come with at least a few signs of wear and tear and a few things that will require fixing or regular attention over time. Even small repairs can add up - a leaky tap, broken pipe, or water heater replacement can add up! Newer homes come with newer fixtures, which means it's much less likely that there will be any faults, damage or repairs for you to deal with - and if anything does pop up, it’s more than likely that it will be covered under your building warranty. Modern design features are also often designed to be simpler and easier to maintain, which means less time and money spent overall on keeping your home in good working order. 

    Working with a reputable builder

    Building a home can be a very rewarding experience, but it’s important to ensure that you only work with reputable developers and builders when buying your land. If you’re considering building around Guildford, get in touch with us! We can help you find the perfect block of land and connect you with reputable builders in the area.