• Community growth and exciting developments at Rosehill Waters

    Jun 24, 2024

    After a long hot summer, it's refreshing to see our area getting long-needed rainfall. The creek lines are brimming with water and vegetation growth is thriving with plenty more greenery around our community.

    The Valley Stage 7 was released to the market in March and is already 85% sold out, and with Stage 6 now 98% sold the opportunity to live in our unique and sought-after location is quickly passing. Stages 1-5 are now fully sold out, completing our development efforts south of West Parade.

    The new roundabout construction along Serpentine Drive in Stage 6 is complete and has successfully reduced the traffic speed along West Parade. This is a key improvement in our development with the initiative promised in the past coming to life to bring positive change for Rosehill Waters residents.

    While everyone endured some inconvenience during the construction, we appreciate the patience of all of our South Guildford residents. Recent works to underground wires have also been completed. This project was undertaken to improve the appearance of our development while providing the opportunity to plant trees and vegetation along the northern verge of the roadway and increase the biodiversity of our growing estate.

    In Stage 7, civil construction, earthworks, and underground services will commence in late June, with our construction teams taking every precaution to minimise dust. We expect these works to be complete in early 2025, with new public open space areas along the creekline being completed as early as late spring.

    The City of Swan completed the advertising of the LPS Amendment 223, the framework that provides for hospitality in the Rosehill Lodge. We are overwhelmed by the support of the South Guildford community with 83% in support of the proposal, reaffirming the previous 70% vote of support for the residential rezoning, and the vision for hospitality in the Rosehill Lodge.

    The City Councillors will vote on this amendment in their August meeting, and, as mentioned we invite you to attend the council meeting to highlight your support. If our proposal is supported by the Councillors, we will, at last, be in a position to reignite discussions with our shortlisted hospitality operators.

    We are very pleased to see almost 80% of home construction is underway in Stages 4 & 5. This paves the way for these areas to be near completion by mid-2025. We have now completed the development and sale of 582 lots, with construction traffic soon to be a thing of the past for residents south of West Parade.

    The streetscapes are beginning to bloom with native flora. The Stage 4 creek line is abundant with life and the recently rejuvenated Kulungar Park landscaping is growing fast and is looking stunning.

    We are excited to be fulfilling the vision promised to residents and look forward to the exciting final milestones. If you have any questions about our estate or would like to learn more about the lifestyle on offer please contact our knowledgeable team.