• Gloom to boom for WA property prices

    Jul 19, 2017

    WA property markets could go from the nation’s worst to its best-performed over the next two years as buyers regain confidence in the State and go cold on the rest of the country. National Australia Bank analysis suggests WA has reached the bottom after several years of falling property prices, growing rental vacancy rates and the biggest fall in rents since the early 1990s. NAB chief economist Alan Oster said there were clear expectations among property analysts that the WA market would improve relative to the rest of the country over the next two years. “In WA, where the local housing market has under-performed relative to the Eastern States after the mining investment slowdown, house prices are expected to rebound and grow 1.3 per cent,” he said. Experts surveyed by NAB believe Armadale, Bentley, central Perth and Scarborough look the best prospects in the city. Sydney and Melbourne have seen double-digit price increases in the past two years but the NAB survey believes these two will slow down. House prices in Perth are expected to increase 3% over the next three years Experts say Perth's property market has bottomed out Victoria’s market is tipped to be the weakest within two years, with WA vying with Queensland for top spot. The improvement in the WA market is tied to a lift in the jobs market. The survey found employment security was the single largest impediment for buyers of existing property in WA but, with signs the jobs market has bottomed and may be improving, this is tipped to be less of a negative in the next two years. ![GVK14MUDC.1-1.jpg](http://www.rosehillwaters.com.au/storage/app/uploads/public/596/eb7/a4b/596eb7a4bf856531353840.jpg) Experts surveyed by NAB believe Armadale, Bentley, central Perth and Scarborough look the best prospects.Picture: WA News Mark Passmore, of Passmore Real Estate in Morley, said there had been a noticeable lift at the higher end of the market, which was a sign the entire market was shifting. He said interest was growing in sought-after suburbs where prices had dropped over recent years as confidence in the overall market and economy had improved. “You can feel that the market is at a pivotal point,” Mr Passmore said. He said a drop in the price of land had brought developers back into the market while more varied selling methods, such as auctions, were being used to get buyers back. Source: https://thewest.com.au/news/wa/gloom-to-boom-for-wa-property-prices-ng-b88535801z Shane Wright, Economics Editor Friday, 14 July 2017 12:50AM