• Local sports groups in Guildford

    Oct 22, 2021

    Guildford is the site of one of Perth’s most vibrant and diverse communities. Residents of the area love it for its mix of history and culture, as well as the excellent access to amenities that it offers. So, it’s little surprise then that numerous active groups and sporting clubs have blossomed over the years, attracting active memberships and enthusiastic participation. This is a community that loves to get together!

    If you’re looking to build a future in a location where you can get to know the neighbours around you or where your children can grow up with their school friends and local club peers, then you’ll love this location. Read on below to find out about some of the sporting clubs and community groups that you can find around Guildford. 

    Perth Polo Club

    Image credit: Perth Polo Club

    Guildford has the unique distinction of being the home of one of WA’s oldest sporting organisations, Perth Polo Club. First founded in 1896, the Club is deeply tied to Guildford’s history and has resided on the Kings Meadow Polo Ground for almost 50 years. It is the only Polo club in Perth that is open to the public, with games regularly being watched by social club members. For those who want to play, the Club holds regular Tournaments, as well as other exciting events. 

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    Guildford Indoor Sports

    South Guildford is home to WA’s most social Indoor Sports Centre! Located on 150 Queens Road, the facility is just 2 minutes from Rosehill Waters. The centre caters to people of all ages and skill levels and regularly runs competitions for indoor cricket, soccer, netball, dodgeball and volleyball. 

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    Swan Districts Football Club

    Image credit: Swan Districts Football Club

    Many Guildford residents have been alumni of the Swan Districts Football Club. The club, currently based in nearby Bassendean, plays in the West Australian Football League and was first formed in 1932. Recently, the Club has founded its own women's football team. 

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    Midland Guildford Cricket Club

    Image credit: Midland Guildford Cricket Club

    Midland Guildford Cricket Club are local amateur cricket club that play at Lilac Hill Park in Caversham. This inclusive local team is all about working together and having fun. The teams have access to an outstanding range of facilities including a three net indoor centre. 

    Visit their website to find out more. 

    Swan Bowling Club

    Image credit: Swan Bowling Club    

    Swan Bowling Club offers a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere to the community. With two recently renovated grass greens to play on, it’s a great location for members and visitors to get together for some fun. 

    Find out more on their website.

    Cultural Clubs

    Those who love arts and crafts will also appreciate the Guildford Village Potter’s Club, which is situated in the old policeman’s house in the town’s historical courthouse precinct. A number of members make pottery in a wide variety of styles which can be seen and purchased in the gallery space. 

    These are just a few of the community groups you’ll find around Guildford! It’s a well established area with a strong community of people who appreciate the unique heritage and amenities featured within the area. With land now selling in Rosehill Waters and new residents now joining the community, it will be exciting to see what the future holds!

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