Rosehill Lodge Precinct

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For personalised answers to you questions visit our sales centre

Breathing new life into Rosehill Waters

The vision for the new precinct will make Rosehill Waters an even better place to live.

The master plan involves transforming the existing Rosehill Lodge into a vibrant hospitality hub, slowing traffic speeds on West Parade and increasing the tree canopy, with hundreds of new trees planted.

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What happens to Rosehill Lodge

  • Rosehill Lodge will have its existing California Bungalow architectural style retained and refurbished. The space will be repurposed into a casual café and gallery space.
  • A new modern tavern and boutique short-stay accommodation developed with a separate entry off West Parade.
  • The vistas and connection between the Lodge and the pond will be retained.
  • Existing formal gardens to be protected, revived and enhanced, with updated bore and irrigation systems installed to maintain them.
  • Significant trees will be retained or relocated to more suitable areas while the gardens will be replanted and landscaped.
  • Rose bushes on West Parade will be relocated to provide a fragrant atmosphere for people enjoying the outdoor decks at the new hospitality venues.
  • The bore and irrigation system will be updated to maintain the gardens
  • A safe, dedicated parking area will be established for visitors.
Rosehill lodge master plan
Lake view
Estate entrance

What else will the plan deliver?

  • Under our new plan, Rosehill Lodge and its surrounds will become a landmark site. A newly established formal landscaped entry will encourage visitors and locals alike to explore.
  • The precinct will be made safer and more accessible with new parking spaces and slower traffic speeds on West Parade, and pedestrian and wildlife movement will be prioritised with the development of new recreational paths and trails.
  • A previously planned road crossing at the creekline will be removed to protect fauna, while significant Moreton Bay Figs and eucalypts will be preserved.
  • Finally, Flame trees will be relocated into streets and parks and hundreds of new trees will be planted to boost the tree canopy in the area.

How does the plan enhance South Guildford?

  • A much-loved local venue will be revitalised for the convenient use of local residents
  • Traffic movement along West Parade will become slower and safer for pedestrians.
  • Removing proposed roads across the creekline will provide safer movement for fauna accessing the Helena River foreshore reserve.
  • A vibrant hospitality hub stimulates continuing attraction and interest in properties in the area.
  • Waterhall Village will remain the retail centre of the area.
  • Visitors to the Rosehill Lodge Precinct will contribute to the local economy.
  • Local jobs will be created within the new hospitality venues.
  • Undergrounding existing overhead powerlines on West Parade.